July 22, 2010

The Wasp Man

Until recently, our backyard was infested with wasps. I got stung when hanging towels on the clothes line. And then Gavin got stung on his arm (I didn't know they were living in the cable box and as they were flying in and out, he was slapping them!! From where I was sitting, I couldn't see the wasps. So he kinda had that one coming!)

Anyways, a guy named Mike came out to take care of our little wasp problem before Gavin's party. (Sorry wasps, but you were not invited!) Gavin enjoyed watching through the window as Mike sprayed the nests and smoked them all out. Wasps were flying EVERYWHERE!!

When he was finished Gavin and I went outside to say thank you. We were talking a little bit (I was intrigued how he can be amongst all those angry wasps and not get stung!)

After a few minutes he asked if he could ask me a question. I knew what was coming and I said sure. He asked if Gavin's arm was born that way. I said "Yep".

Then he started telling me how his step-son's arm looks exactly the same! Apparently his step-son is 24 now and he never wore a prosthetic arm, except to play hockey. He played baseball without one, drives a car, etc. etc. Mike was really positive, telling me that it won't stop Gavin from doing anything. We pretty much know that already but it is always so nice to hear it from other people. Especially those who have been there.

Its funny how before I had Gavin I never knew a single person with an upper limb difference. Now we know sooo many!!

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