July 12, 2010

Imagine...Amazing Me!

We received our copy of "Imagine...Amazing Me!" by Libbi Chilia

This is a book that every child with a limb difference should have. Think of how it would feel to be a child with an amputation growing up in a world where everywhere you look, you see people with two arms, two hands, ten fingers, two legs, two feet...all their "parts". All the children in books, on TV, in the playground, at school...

Think how nice it would be to have a book full of beautiful pictures of kids JUST LIKE YOU! This book is full of bright, colourful pictures of REAL children showing off how they don't let their differences hold them back! From playing the piano to sports like soccer, baseball and even ballet, these children prove that there is nothing they can't do!!

My personal favourites are of a little girl named Megan who is a LBE (left below elbow) like Gavin. I especially love the picture of her tying her shoe because I have often wondered how Gavin will do with learning that skill. I have seen a video of someone using their other foot to hold the lace while they tie it with one hand. But Megan uses her right hand and left arm to do it.

There is also a picture of her playing cards and she is holding her cards in her left arm and they are all perfectly spread out. I know there are special devices to help amputees hold a hand of cards but who needs those when you're as resourceful as Megan?! I love how they always figure things out!

And if you're not convinced to buy it yet, let me point out that the money made from the sales of this book will be donated to organizations that support children with limb differences including the ACA Camp and I-CAN!

This book is an excellent resource but if your child doesn't know any other children with a similar limb difference, I REALLY recommend finding a support group that can help you connect with another family in your area. Canadian families can access the Matching Mothers program through CHAMP.

My only constructive criticism for this book is that each picture is labeled with the child's name, age and city...but Gabriel's picture simply says "Gabriel, age 4, Canada". Where in Canada? It is a pretty big place you know! ;)

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