July 6, 2010

Melissa & Doug

I don't know what it is about Melissa & Doug toys that I love so much. I think it is mostly that they are so classic and simple and also so high quality. And kids LOVE them. They are pretty reasonably priced too.

Gavin received 2 of their wooden puzzles, as well as the rainbow stacker as baby gifts.

Then for Christmas we decided to get him the Alphabet nesting & stacking blocks and they were a BIG hit! He loves to build towers and knock them over and could do this endlessly!

Now for his birthday we are planning to buy him the Deluxe jumbo cardboard blocks. I'm sure he will have lots of fun building ever bigger towers and whatever else he decides to do with them.

I was looking online to find out where would be the best place for me to buy these blocks from. During my browsing, I came across a bunch of toys that are designed to helping children practice their fine motor skills. I instantly thought of how perfect it would be for children with limb differences, who might not learn to do these skills the way we would do them. They could really benefit from the extra practice to figure out which way works best for THEM. Practice makes perfect!

Lacing Sneaker

This learning activity will tickle kids down to their toes! The sturdy wooden high-top sneaker is the perfect size toy for kids to learn how to lace and tie over and over again!

Ages 4+

Latches Board

Undo a latch, swing open the numbered door, and count on fun when the picture beneath is revealed on this wooden play board! Build fine motor skills while learning colors, numbers, animals and more!

Lace & Trace Pets

Each set contains five jumbo, double-sided lacing panels, plus five color-coordinated laces!
8.25” x 7” x 1.25”

Lacing Beads in a Box

This timely classic has been reborn with lively graphics, colors and new shapes. Includes 27 solid wood beads and 2 extra long laces.


  1. I totally remember as a kid when I was learning to tie shoes carrying one of my dad's shoes with me all the time so I could practice. I wouldnt buy a special shoe to practice on, I'd just use one of mom or dads!

  2. Ya you are so right about that! Who needs a toy wooden shoe when you have a whole closet full of real shoes at home? lol
    I guess it is just supposed to be more sturdy and easy to learn on.