April 30, 2012

Video Games

Another fine motor task that Gavin has mastered is one I'm not so thrilled about.

His ability to play hockey games on the PS3.

He LOVES this recent skill and would play it all day if we let him. The scary part is how good he is at it. John has to set up the games for him but then he does pretty well against the computer for a three and a half year old!

I feel like he's way too young to be playing video games. I wanted to delay it as long as possible because I knew it was a matter of time and I hate how kids get addicted to them.

But sometimes its just really nice to have him sit quietly on the couch instead of running around bouncing off the walls!!

April 29, 2012

How to dye Easter eggs with one hand

I meant to post this weeks ago but better late than never! We hope everyone had a happy Easter. Gavin had lots of fun dying eggs this year and took his job very seriously!

Here is a little photo tutorial:


Lately he has been mastering lots of new skills that I have been meaning to write about. Some of them include; opening a juice box (its not easy to get that straw out of the wrapper and poke through the hole with one hand - but completely possible!), putting on his jacket by himself and also putting on his socks by himself!

Next we are going to tackle learning to tie his shoe laces...