December 12, 2011

Accessibility Toronto

We have another exciting announcement for all our friends in the GTA who happen to have Rogers Cable!

Last year Rogers aired the "filmpossible" documentary which featured many of last year's videos, as well as interviews with some of the participants and judges. It was really cool to see Gavin's video on TV and the episode has aired many times since then, each time bringing a little bit more VISIBILITY TO DISABILITY! It is incredibly inspiring to watch.

Now we are excited to see the airing of Holland Bloorview's episode of Accessibility Toronto on RogersTV tonight at 8pm! We are hoping to catch a glimpse of our little filmpossible stars in action! Holland Bloorview is an incredible facility, which I contribute mostly to the truly amazing staff team. It just has such a positive energy to it, which you can not fully understand unless you have been there and experienced the ongoing support and genuine interest in helping your child reach his or her full potential. So I am looking forward to seeing how it can be summed up in a half hour episode.

"Accessibility Toronto is a series of half hour television programs that focuses on people with disabilities. The goal of this series is to highlight their achievements and accomplishments and provide insightful and inspiring storylines for all viewers.

Community producer, Shannon Fitzpatrick pitched the initial idea and has worked diligently to bring viewers a wide range of compelling profiles and stories celebrating persons with disabilities from across Toronto."

The show appears only on RogersTV, so viewers need to have Rogers cable to receive the show. It will air on Channel 10 in Toronto and 63 in Scarborough - unfortunately subscribers outside the Toronto area will not be able to view the episode, as it only plays in the Toronto market.

They will be sending us a DVD copy of the episode so if you would really like to see it please let me know.

If you miss tonight's episode you can also cath it on Tuesday, December 13 at 1, 9 and 11:30 a.m.