April 30, 2012

Video Games

Another fine motor task that Gavin has mastered is one I'm not so thrilled about.

His ability to play hockey games on the PS3.

He LOVES this recent skill and would play it all day if we let him. The scary part is how good he is at it. John has to set up the games for him but then he does pretty well against the computer for a three and a half year old!

I feel like he's way too young to be playing video games. I wanted to delay it as long as possible because I knew it was a matter of time and I hate how kids get addicted to them.

But sometimes its just really nice to have him sit quietly on the couch instead of running around bouncing off the walls!!

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  1. Chanel from DelawareJuly 6, 2012 at 12:35 PM

    While having a moment in feeling low about my son and his little fin (missing left hand) I surfed the internet and found your site. Gavin is way too cute and I am thrilled to have found him. My son is 9 months and I constantly wonder about what he will be able to do. Gavin prooves with the right support and will power, nothing is impossible. I will be sure to continue to visit the page frequently and share the same with my son when he wonders who in the world can relate to his condition. Please don't stop providing updates. Keep them coming. Someone is watching and being inspired:-)