July 2, 2010

First Day!

Today is the big day...our little man's first day of daycare! His bag is all packed, belongings labeled, forms filled out... Ready to go!

He has already been for three different visits and was noticeably more at ease each time.

The first time he was clung to me like a piece of velcro. If he wanted a toy across the room he insisted on dragging me by the hand. He was VERY timid and cautious. That is very typical of Gavin in new situations. Even in not-so-new situations, he tends to be like that until he warms up (slowwwwwly but surely).

On the second visit, he didn't try to drag me around the room. He went and sat at a table with some other kids and started doing puzzles! I was impressed!

Our third visit was on Tuesday. I made sure to go that day because they were expecting a visit from the fire truck!! Gavin loved every second, especially sitting inside the truck! During this visit, he was right in there with the other kids. I tried to act like I wasn't even there as much as possible.

At one point he was sitting on the carpet playing with two other little boys. The one boy noticed Gavin's arm and I saw him holding it and examining it closely. Gavin held out his arm patiently until he was done. When he finished, Gavin held it out for the next boy to take a look!! But the other boy was more interested in the truck. The first boy went back for more but Gavin started to get annoyed and pulled his arm away.

When it was time to go he said "bye" to his friends and even gave hugs to his teachers!

So today I am confident that he is going to enjoy himself. (Although I'm still prepared to have him pried from my arms while he screams bloody murder.) At first I was afraid that he would cry inconsolably until I returned. But now I'm trying to think positive. Maybe he won't cry as long as I initially thought. HOPEFULLY.

I plan to call after an hour and if he is still crying, I will come and pick him up. Each day, we will let him stay a little longer until he is used to spending his mornings at Little Tykes. :)

John & I are just a LITTLE bit excited about having our mornings toddler-free!!

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