July 10, 2010

First Week

I guess I should update about Gavin's first week at daycare! It seemed to go pretty well.

On the first day, he went right to the teacher without crying. I was pleasantly surprised! (he doesn't go to many people without at least taking a few minutes to warm up) So we didn't linger. Said a quick goodbye and took it as our cue to leave. As soon as we left the room I heard him start to bawl.

I went home and called 45 minutes later (I couldn't even last an hour, which is when I had planned to call and check on him...) He was outside riding a bike and she said he would get off the bike and whine for me and then get back on. That seemed like good progress to me. I called again after lunch to see how he was doing. It was nap time and she said he was doing fine, just standing there and not wanting to sleep. She wanted to try to get him to sleep and said she would call in half an hour if he wouldn't go down.

So of course she called back and said he was refusing to lay down and crying for mama. So we went and picked him up. I was very impressed that he lasted until 1:30pm. I'm happy we had him stay that long so he got to see the whole routine that he will be part of every day. Depending on the day we will be picking him up before or after nap time.

I would have been shocked if he fell asleep on the first day. He has never slept on a cot before, especially in a room full of other kids.

When we picked him up he pointed at the kids and said "this" and did the sign for sleeping. (All the other kids were asleep on their cots!)

When we got in the car and asked him what he did at school he started doing a fake cry and whining "Mama! Mama!" and then fake crying again. We burst out laughing and asked him, "That's what you did at school??" He told us, "Yah!" and did the fake crying thing again. It was sooo hilarious! At least he is honest about his day!

John dropped him off on his second day. They said he was crying for "Dada" and then kissing the air over & over. That's his way of saying he wants to kiss Daddy. Aww :(

He drank 1/2 a glass of milk at lunch! YAY! I have NOT been able to get that kid to drink milk. EVER! He is purely a breastmilk boy. Will not accept anything else. And since he's been weaned I've been worried that he's not getting enough dairy. So I asked them at daycare to please try to get him to drink it. Monkey see, monkey do! They are such copiers at this age so I figured if all the kids were drinking it, he would too. SUCCESS!

When we went to pick him up he was SLEEEPING on his little cot!!!! I couldn't believe it! He is making progress so fast!

Each day he cried a little less and every day we pick him up he tells us that he was crying for us. When he ask him why he just repeats, "WHY?"

Hopefully next week will be a little easier for him. When we ask him if he wants to go to school he says, "Oh NO!" but when we ask him if he had fun at school he says, "Yah!"

I don't know how he COULDN'T have fun with all the great things they have planned. One day they had a visit from the ice cream truck and when I picked him up he started doing the sign for "ice cream" and singing the tune the ice cream truck plays!

Another day was a Hawaiian Luau and he was so proud to show us the lei they helped him make out of paper flowers and beads.

Next week is a farmhouse theme so I'm sure there is lots more fun in store for our Growing Tyke!

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