July 12, 2010


I took Gavin to the library today to return our overdue books and check out some new ones. While I was browsing through the children's section, Gavin was sitting at a table flipping through the pages of a book.

I wasn't really paying attention but I overheard two little girls trying to look at books with one hand and talking about how hard it was.

A few minutes later they timidly approached me. One was telling the other not to, but she said, "Its OK, she looks nice." Haha! At least I "look nice".

She shyly asked me if that was my son and what happened to his arm. I told her that he was born with one little arm.

She said, "That's really sad. But I think its incredible that he can look at the book like that with one hand!"

(Incredible?! Haha! Clearly the library has done wonders for this little girl's vocabulary!)

Anyways, I told her, "Its not really sad because it doesn't hurt and he can still do everything. He just has to do some things a bit differently. But it doesn't hold him back from anything. And he doesn't seem to mind."

That seemed to satisfy their curiosity. Kids are so hilarious.

(By the way, we ended up with the following books: "The Bus Stop", "School Bus", "Seals on the Bus", and "The Bus For Us". Sense a recurring theme???)

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  1. I love the fact that the girl approached you. We find so many that do not approach but instead just stare.

    Great answer also. Not sad at all. It is wonderful.....