July 16, 2010

July 16

July sixteenth, 1982
the foggy night I lost my dad.
I was only four months old.
Nothing else could be so sad.

Sometimes I feel you with me
When its just me and the world.
I feel your arms around me
and your presence all around.

That's when I feel the safest
Because I know you're there
Loving me, protecting me
And wiping away the tears.

A part of me was always missing,
An empty space inside.
Until the day my son was born,
The same day that you died.

On July sixteenth, 2008
God gave me a beautiful son.
I've never felt a love like that
I was changed forever...a Mom.

I know you are a part of him,
I feel it in my heart.
I finally have you with me again
And we'll never be apart.