February 22, 2010

Talking in circles

Don't mind me, I'm just venting...

OK so I ended up calling Gav's modeling agent today. I just wanted to ask her what the clients had said and what their concerns were (you know, the ones that get scared when they learn he has 1 hand.)

I ended up quite unsatisfied with our conversation. I wasn't upset or trying to blame her. I just wanted to know more about what clients said when they decided not to use him because of his arm. Maybe they had concerns that I could address. But she said that no client has said anything about his arm because there has been no interest in him since he has been the wrong clothing size until now. I was so confused why she made that comment (Direct quote: "I understand, he is so cute, however once clients realize that he has one hand, they get a little scared.") in her email if that was not the case. I did not appreciate being told that I was "taking it too personally" and "reading too much into it." Um, no, I'm not taking it personally or reading too much into it. I'm just wondering why you said that clients get scared when they learn my son has 1 hand. She never really gave me a straight answer.

She brought up how she is the only agency in Canada that has special needs children. (Although Gavin is not in the special needs section.) She also brought up that they have another little girl who has 1 hand. I said, yes, I know and Gabrielle hasn't been booked at all, has she? Then she started talking about Gabby's profile being out of date and how she was the wrong size.

So is it that they are the wrong size or that they have 1 hand?

I asked her if she tries to advocate for Gavin. I don't remember exactly what she said but I think she started talking about advocating for all the special needs children.

She said that she is obligated to tell clients about his arm because if he shows up and they're unable to use him, she will be held responsible. She gave me an example of what if they wanted him to hold onto something or push a stroller or something. I said that he is more than capable of pushing a stroller, holding onto things, and doing anything else. I also brought up that he has a prosthetic arm he can wear if they need him to. She said, "OK, I will keep that in mind." She is already aware that he has a prosthetic arm so I'm not sure how that changes anything...

I think my questions made her uncomfortable because she seemed to be getting defensive and I felt like she was rushing me off the phone. Overall, not impressed.

John thinks we should try to find someone else to represent Gavin. I don't know. I'm hoping now that Gavin is size 18 months, which is the size they book the most for catalogues and flyers, and now that I have brought some things to her attention, that maybe she will advocate for him more. We will see.

Whether he models or not is not a big deal to us. It is more a matter of principle. Why should he not be given the opportunity when he would be great at it? He is very photogenic and loves being in front of a camera.

I'm the type of person who when someone tells me I can't do something, it makes me even more determined to prove that I can. This is how I feel about this situation. I want to show Gavin that when someone tells him he can't do something that he KEEPS trying until he finds a way.

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