February 5, 2010


Every once in a while I will think of a specific task and wonder how Gavin will be able to master it. Usually I will bring it up to Lisa, his occupational therapist and she will give me examples of ways he could do it. It is very reassuring to know that if there is ever a skill or task that Gavin is struggling with, we can make an appointment with Lisa and she will work with him to help him achieve it.

I was just sitting here and wondering how he will be able to learn to tie his shoes. To me it seems nearly impossible to do with one hand.

If you have a child with a limb difference, what is something you worry that they will struggle with? And if you don't have a child with a limb difference, try to think of something that you think could be a potential challenge for Gavin.

Try to think of at least 1 thing!


  1. Honestly, I havent tied my shoes in years. I just lace them and then tie a little knot on the inside of the shoes and cut off the excess. That way I can just slip them on and off!

  2. My husband taught himself to tie his shoes with one hand. He has both hands, but he wanted to see if he could do it. Our son was born without his left forearm and hand, but he's only four months old so he's not even wearing shoes yet. But, hopefully, my husband can show him how he did it.

    I guess one thing I wonder about is how he'd do in gymnastics. My other two children are taking classes. I wonder if he'd just not do some of the things as the other children.

  3. i'm wondering about potty training (for gabby). she could probably get her pants on and off if she wears jogging pants or non-buttoned pants but she's usually in jeans! and if i have to help her every time, where's the "independence" in that?