February 18, 2010


Has anyone heard of the kids show "Maya and Miguel" on PBS? I recently stumbled across a link about this show. It is produced by Scholastic and incorporates Spanish into the episodes. One of the characters, Andy, is an RBE (right below elbow) amputee!

There is an episode called, "When Maya met Andy" that is included in their "Funny Fix-Ups" DVD. I bought a used copy on amazon and was eagerly awaiting its arrival! I received it a few days ago and am very pleased that I bought it.

In this episode, Andy moves to the neighbourhood and all the kids are shocked when they first see that he is missing part of his arm but Andy jokes around saying, "Someone lost an arm? Where? Where'd it go??" Maya wants to make sure Andy feels included in everything they do but she becomes overly sensitive to Andy's feelings, assuming that he is unable to do most things. She tries to stop her brother from playing sports because she assumes that Andy won't be able to participate and would feel left out. It turns out that Andy was on his baseball team on his old school and is a great basketball player too. In the end, Maya learns that true sensitivity means treating others as equals.

CLICK HERE for a printable colouring sheet of Andy! I don't know how big of a role Andy plays on the show because I haven't watched any of the other episodes yet, but whoever had the idea for this character gets an A+ in my books!

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