February 2, 2010

Our Little Helper

Gavin loves to do the same things that Mommy & Daddy do! I decided to post some pictures to show you some of his favourite ways of "helping"!

For a long time he has enjoyed helping himself to the drawer of kitchen utensils. The rolling pin has always been a favourite of his! He's given it so much more attention than I ever have!

But he is especially obsessed with sweeping!!

Here he is with the broom and Swiffer combo.

He also loves to wear the oven mitts!

He even attempts to sweep while wearing them!

And he likes to help Mommy put the diapers away. He even pushes the basket all the way down the hall for me (very proudly!)
Here he is "helping" me sort and fold them.

But his very favourite thing EVER is to scratch on the turntables!!

We are SO lucky to have such an amazing little helper!


  1. The sweeping with the oven mitts on picture is my favourite. I love the look on his face! Like "Can't you see I'm busy here Mom!"