February 7, 2010

How to tie your shoes with 1 hand

Last time I wrote about wondering how Gavin would learn to tie his shoes with one hand. Here is our answer my friends!

Renee left me this comment on my last post:
My husband taught himself to tie his shoes with one hand. He has both hands, but he wanted to see if he could do it. Our son was born without his left forearm and hand, but he's only four months old so he's not even wearing shoes yet. But, hopefully, my husband can show him how he did it.
I guess one thing I wonder about is how he'd do in gymnastics. My other two children are taking classes. I wonder if he'd just not do some of the things as the other children.

I think thats so awesome that your husband did that! You should take a video!
As for gymnastics, I bet he would be able to use his arm to do a lot of things, even if its not the same way the other kids do it. Makes me want to put Gavin in gymnastics to see what he comes up with!

I couldn't find any good videos of arm amputees doing gymastics. But this guy has a prosthetic leg and look at him go!! (don't mind the music)

I also came across this quote which I think is pretty funny!

How does a high-schooler with one arm compete in gymnastics?
Simple: He does the one-armed vault. Turns out you get two-tenths of an extra point doing the vault single-handed as opposed to two-handed, “which is funny, because that’s all I could do anyway,” says Drew Borske, assistant sales manager at Midland Medical in Lincoln, Neb.


  1. at every champ seminar they have some of the older champs demonstrate how they tie their shoes with one hand and/or also using their prosthesis. in reference to my comment on the previous post, i've never seen a champ demonstrate how to take off their jeans! ;o)

  2. ya thats true. I guess she could pull down one side and then the other and keep going back and forth until they're down. It would take longer but I bet she would get there eventually. It would be hard to undo the button though too.
    I don't think I want to look for a video of how to remove your pants with one hand! LOL!!

  3. LOL Meg, you'd definitely get some interesting videos! The gymnastics video is crazy! You wouldn't even know if they weren't wearing shorts.