March 14, 2011


Today was Gavin's first full day in the Jr Preschool room. I was a bit worried about how he would do since he has been telling me, "I no like that room. Only Maria's room!" ever since he started transitioning to that room a few weeks ago. He has been in the Sr Toddler room ever since he started daycare in July and he is very attached to the teachers in his room.

I also have so much trust in his teachers. I really love them and I'm so grateful for all the love and encouragement they have given to Gavin over the months. He has really thrived in that room. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about whether his new teachers would be able to fill their shoes!

We were trying to prepare Gavin over the weekend by talking to him about the big room. This morning we took him in and found his new cubby down the hall from his old one. He was a little shy but he did so much better than I expected!

I met one of his new teachers this morning and she was so welcoming and friendly. I talked to her about how Gavin has been asking me a lot of questions about his arm in the past few weeks and I think it is due to spending time in the "big room" and the other kids being curious and touching his arm a lot and making comments. She agreed with me and told me there is a little girl who is VERY curious and always wants to touch Gavin's arm. She said she redirects her and also has talked to Gavin about telling her when he doesn't like it. I have been working on the same thing with him. They had Aidan in that room so I know its nothing new to the teachers, but it is to some of the kids who didn't know Aidan and are just getting to know Gavin.

Anyways, she said that she would like to talk to the kids about it at circle time and read some books. I told her I have some books I can bring in and she was happy about that so I will bring them in tomorrow.

When we left, he didn't even cry and waved to us out the window and blew kisses. We decided we would pick him up right after lunch and leave him a bit longer each day this week until he was used to a full day in that room. When we went to get him he was laying on his cot looking at a book. I think he would have been just fine if we had left him longer. He didn't cry all morning and had a very busy day playing.

When we got home he told me he likes his new room and his new teacher. I'm so relieved that this won't be as hard of a transition for him as I expected! YAY Gavin! I'm so proud of him :)

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