March 2, 2011

The Big Room

Today I was asking Gavin about his day at daycare. He will be moving up to the preschool room in a few weeks so he has been visiting the room to make the transition easier.

He was telling me about visiting "the big room" as he calls it. He told me they have puzzles and a fire engine with a siren.

Then he told me that one of the kids was grabbing his little arm.

My guess is that these recent questions have to do with curious kids in "the big room" who are not familiar with him and have questions about his arm and want to touch it.

I talked to him again about telling people when he does not want to be touched. I feel pretty confident in the teachers handling the other children's questions well because Gavin is the second little guy without a left hand to be in that room. His friend Aidan recently moved on from the preschool room. He is always one age group ahead of Gavin. I love that they are both in the same center because I think it really helps to normalize limb differences for the other children and also help them both to feel like they're not the only one.

I really hope he adjusts well to his new room because it is right before the baby is due and that is a lot of change at the same time. We are planning to keep him enrolled there after the baby comes, even if he just goes for a short time in the mornings. I really think it will help him to keep that routine and have the whole socialization aspect. Also, he is SUCH an active little guy that its good for him to have the stimulation and also burn off some energy. Not to metion that it will give me some quality time with the baby.

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