June 4, 2010

On the Other Hand

I have added a new link to the sidebar of the blog and I just wanted to point it out because I think it is SO wonderful!

It is written by Laura Faye Clubok, an Occupational Therapist who was born without fingers on her left hand. She is such an inspiration!


Oh how I wish I had have known about this website when I first found out about Gavin's arm during pregnancy! I had such a hard time finding any information at all, and this website has the best resources I have seen so far!

Laura has some really great information for all the different stages of parenting: Pregnancy-Birth, Early Years, School Age, Teenage Years...

There is also some great tips on Exercising and some really interesting information on Typing with One Hand and so much more.

I haven't had a chance to look over everything, and she is still in the process of adding more so it is definitely a site I will be returning to!

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