June 13, 2010

At the park

The other day at the park, a little girl asked me what happened to Gavin's arm. I told her that he was just born with one little arm.

She said, "It looks like he has little fingers."

I told her, "Yep, he does have little tiny ones."

Then she told me, "Well he still looks fine!"

I laughed and said, "Well thank you. We think so too!"

I just thought that was so cute. Her mom and I were laughing about it and then she told me that when she was pregnant with her son they thought he had Down Syndrome. It turned out that he didn't, but at the time her husband said that even if their baby had Down Syndrome or one leg or one arm, they would love him no matter what.

They were a really nice family and every time we have a positive experience like that it makes it that much easier to brush off the negative ones.

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