January 23, 2011

Mr. Independent

We have been working on potty training for a while and it has been quite the ride. I think I could write a book called "Adventures in Potty Training!" We have so many stories that I'm sure Gavin will just LOVE hearing about when he's older!

In the last few months Gavin made the transition from diapers to underwear! He was still in diapers at sleep time for a while longer, but that didn't last long.

Yesterday I finally organized all his diapers and put them away for when the new baby is ready for them (we use cloth). It was a little bittersweet because the thing with cloth diapers is that I got a little attached to them. Yes, I know they are just poop-catchers, but some of them are SO adorable.

While I am SO happy to have a break from washing diapers for a few months, it is a little sad that I will never see him rockin' a big, cloth diaper butt again. But I'm happy that we will get to use them again on his baby brother or sister. AND I get to "aww" over all the teeny tiny newborn cloth again. :)

Anyways, so Gavin has been GREAT about telling us when he has to use the potty and we are SOO proud of him! Normally he will come to us and tell us, "I need to pee!" and we will take him to the bathroom, pull down his pants and underwear, put his Diego potty seat on the toilet, and lift him up to do his business. That's pretty much how it goes.

I thought pulling his pants off would be kind of tricky with one hand. Even though I knew he could do it and would HAVE to learn to do it, I was afraid of taking the time to let him try in case he took too long and had an accident.

Then today I heard someone go into the bathroom and shut the door. A few minutes later I realized it was Gavin. I went in to see what he was up to, and he was sitting on the toilet going about his business! He had gone in by himself, pulled down his pants and underwear, put the Diego seat on the toilet and used his stool to climb up...all by himself!

All this time we have been helping him with what he can clearly do by himself! (Except the wiping part. He is not to be trusted with that yet!)

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