January 18, 2011

Baby Fingers

A few nights ago Gavin and I were cuddling and I pointed to the little fingers on the end of his left arm and asked him, "What's that Gavin?" I was curious how he would respond.

He told me, "Those my fingers."

Then in a tiny, quiet, little voice he whispered, "My baby fingers."

Next he held up his right hand, spread his fingers and said in a big, loud voice, "My BIG fingers!!"

I laughed, so of course he continued to repeat it over and over, whispering "my baby fingers" and pointing to his little ones and then loudly saying "My BIG fingers!" and holding up his hand!

A few minutes later he looked at my hands and asked, "Baby fingers?" I told him I only have big fingers and reminded him that Gabby has baby fingers like him. He smiled and seemed satisfied with that answer.

I love him so much! I only hope he can always be so proud of his adorable little baby fingers.

1 comment:

  1. Its amazing how a simple sweet response from mommy can make all things good in the world of our little guys. I had another one of these moments just last night. It's not easy, but I believe the pride that mommy feels will forever make all the difference!