January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their holidays! We have been busy around here. Christmas came so fast this year. I don't think December has ever flown by so fast for me in all my life! But before I knew it, it was here. It came so fast that it didn't really feel like Christmas. But once we were up north with my parents, that started to change. There is nothing like going home for Christmas. And I love all the beautiful snow. There is nowhere else I would rather be this time of year.

On Christmas Eve, Gavin left out chocolate milk and cookies for Santa and some celery for the reindeer (we were out of carrots). He was so excited in the morning to come downstairs and see that Santa came!

Each time he opened something he liked, that was it. He was good. He didn't want to open anything else. There were some animal markers in his stocking and he was satisfied with that. Soon he got into opening presents...until he opened the fire truck from Uncle Brian. It was over!

He was sooo happy! This fire truck has a fire fighter, ladder, a hose, sirens and even a radio! Gavin was in heaven. He played with his fire truck all morning and had no interest in opening any other presents.

I think this picture does a good job of capturing his overwhelming joy!

I also love this picture (taken with my new camera! YAY!)

We got all bundled up and Grampa took Gavin for a ride in his new sled and it was so priceless to hear how he laughed and giggled in delight! He loved it!

Our New Years was quiet. I have been fighting a cold and didn't feel like going anywhere and John had to work. So Gavin and I cuddled and watched TV in bed until we passed out around 10:30pm.

Now there are less than 3 months until the arrival of our new little bundle of joy! We are eagerly anticipating his or her arrival! (We chose not to find out the gender this time around).

2011 has some wonderful surprises in store and we are so excited!

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