October 26, 2010

F is for Fire trucks!

Well "F" week was an exciting one for my boy who is obsessed with FIRE TRUCKS!!

Of course we had to make a special visit to the FIRE STATION!

We drive by a little fire station every day on our way to his daycare so he has been asking to see the fire trucks every day for a while. When the day finally arrived and we told him it was time to go he went right to his closet and put on his yellow boots! So I figured I might as well top it off with his FIRE FIGHTER rain coat too. His outfit was a hit with the guys at the station!

Of course he is going to be a fire fighter for Halloween. All he needs now is the hat. I was told that the fire stations give out fire hats to children, but this one didn't have any. They did give him some colouring sheets and stickers though.

And Gavin got to sit inside the fire truck and "drive" it!
He would have stayed there all day if we let him! You can see from the picture that driving a fire truck is very serious business. It requires great concentration.

Gavin is clearly an expert. I think this is due to the amount of times we have read "If I Could Drive a Fire Truck". So many times in fact that we have had to tape the book back together. This book has been slept with many nights and brought on many road trips. And just when he's had about enough of that one, there is always his back up, "I Want To Be a Firefighter". Oh lucky me!

We went to the library on the weekend and all Gavin wanted was another book about fire trucks. There is also a DVD at the library about fire trucks which I will never rent again because if I have to watch it one more time I might go insane. I think I know all there is to know about fire trucks....pumper trucks, aerial trucks, ladder trucks, tiller trucks, quint trucks, searchlight trucks, rescue trucks, off-road fire trucks....oh yes! You didn't know there were so many types of fire trucks did you?

I like this picture of Gavin and Daddy standing beside the fire fighters' big boots! They are almost as big as he is! The fire fighters always have them ready to go so they can pull on their boots and pants in a hurry!

Gavin loves to sing "Hurry hurry drive that fire truck!" Here are the lyrics if you're interested. But we always include "Hurry, hurry, put your boots on!" We have to make up our own lyrics sometimes because he wants to sing it so often that you get tired of singing the same verses over and over!

So "F" week was mostly about FIGHTING FIRES as you can tell.

But another great word is FALL!

We had a gorgeous weekend and spent a lot of time in the backyard raking up the leaves and cleaning up the yard.

Gavin was a great helper as usual!

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