October 11, 2010

D is for Dentist

Our benefits finally came through last week and miraculously I managed to score a DENTIST appointment in the same week! How perfect for "D" week! So of course I brought Gavin along. They don't normally start doing check-ups until age 3 but I asked the dentist if he could just take a look to get Gavin used to sitting in the chair.

Here he is showing off his pearly whites!

He didn't like his "ride" in the chair. He prefers the chair to just stay in one spot without moving up and down. But when we gave him a truck to hold, he was happy to sit there and open wide to let the dentist count his teeth. He has a nice, full set, except for his top two molars which are just starting to poke through. I have to say, he has always been a pro with teething. It never seemed to bother him much.

On the weekend we took Gavin to the park but there was some construction going on nearby so he decided he would rather sit on the picnic table and watch the DIGGER fill the DUMP truck with DIRT. He would have sat there all day if we let him. What is it with boys and their love of machines?

Gavin also got to sit in Grampa's police truck and "DRIVE" it.

Too bad it wasn't "P" week because he had the time of his life eating Pizza with Police men at the Police station (and then had a big Poo!) But it is "D" week so we had to say we were at the DETACHMENT!

I should take some pictures of his sign language. He is so cute doing the sign for "D". It is funny how he does some of the signs because obviously he can't do them perfectly. I thought "C" would have been the easiest, but its the one that gives him the most trouble. Now we have started working on "E" but so far he just does the sign for "A" because it is a bit similar.

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