October 4, 2010

C is for Cute

For C week, I helped Gavin make this COLOURFUL CATERPILLAR using his thumb print. It turned out so CUTE! :)

We also went back to Bloorview so Gavin could try on the CLEAR mold of the socket for his new prosthetic arm.

It was a great fit and Gavin has been extremely patient and co-operative throughout this process. We will see how it goes once he actually gets the arm and has to wear it.

We are in the process of designing his cool new body powered arm which will be ready in a few weeks! Very exciting!

Yesterday Gavin picked out the fabric that will be used for the design.

I can't wait to see how it turns out.

C is also for CHANDLER the CAT, who insists on jumping onto the bed no matter how many times I push him off!

And my absolute favourite picture from C week is of these extremely CUTE COUSINS, Gavin and Emily!

This was taken at my Aunt Linda & Uncle Dave's 40th Anniversary party on Saturday.

Gavin and Emily hadn't seen each other in several months and Emily seemed to notice Gavin's little arm for the first time. She was cradling it gently in her hand and looking at it closely. I told her, "Gavin has one little arm doesn't he?" And she told me, "Yah, and an elbow too!" :)

After that they were inseparable and they were the life of the party! They were the first to hit the dance floor and they held hands and side stepped to the music like they had been dancing together for years. It was so cute and so hilarious! I was laughing so hard I was crying!

We really need to get them together more often because they are just the cutest little couple! When it was time to leave, Gavin kept telling me, "More party! More dancing!"

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