October 21, 2010

E is for Ear Phones

Last week was "E" week. The days kind of flew by and we didn't do a whole lot, to be honest. We read books that had ELEPHANTS in them. And we had fun with sidewalk chalk one day, drawing pictures of elephants with big EARS. I didn't take a picture of my "elephant" because that would just be an insult to elephants. And after that all he wanted me to draw was trucks.

I have no idea why this picture is sideways and it is driving me crazy but I give up trying to fix it...

Gavin is always wanting to play with Daddy's turn tables and wear his EAR PHONES so he had lots of fun with that.

I had a big list of "E" words that we never got to: Earth, Elevator, Escalator, Eagle, Elmo, Engines, Elbow, Eggs...

My original plan was to pick 5-7 words and focus on a different one each day but that was before I started working full time. Now we mainly just focus on learning the ASL sign for the letter, pick a few main words and hopefully make one into a little outing. Also I like to print out a colouring sheet for him to do. We are putting together a binder with all of those but its way behind since I need to get ink for the printer!

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