August 2, 2010

Gifts of Hope

This year for Gavin's birthday we asked for people to consider purchasing a "Gift of Hope" in place of a birthday gift.

Honestly this child just does not NEED anything else! We are lucky to have friends who pass on a lot of great clothes and Gavin has more than enough! He also has MORE than enough toys, to the point that I have donated several things or I hide a lot of them tucked away in closets so there is not so much out at once. Really, how many plastic trucks does one boy need??

Last year we asked for donations to the War Amps CHAMP Program which covers the costs of artificial limbs for children across Canada.

This year we decided to go a different route and here is why.

We have sponsored a child through Plan Canada for many years now. Our little girl is named Fara and she lives in Haiti with her mom. When I heard the news about the earthquake in Haiti, my first thought was of Fara and her family. The wondering was unbearable as we waited for news. It took months before we heard anything. Finally we got a letter asking us to be patient as they tried to track everyone down. We waited so long that I was really starting to think she didn't make it if it was taking so long for them to locate her. FINALLY at the end of May we received a letter telling us that Fara was SAFE and had been accounted for!!!!! I can't tell you how happy I was. So far, that is all the information we have. We are still waiting for an update on her but with the enormous task they are faced with of helping the people of Haiti rebuild their lives and country, it could take a while.

So it seemed like the least we could do was ask our friends & family to consider purchasing a "Gift of Hope" in place of a material gift that Gavin truly does not need.

I am so grateful to everyone who participated. Here are some of the gifts that were purchased:

Two Mango Trees

Three Classroom Essentials

A Home Birthing Kit

Clean Water for a Family

And an additional monetary donation

Thank you for your generosity! It is a great feeling to give a gift that really makes a difference.

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  1. This was such a great idea Megan, I love that you guys did this!