August 20, 2010


Its summer, which means a lot of outdoor time. And Gavin is a crazy, active toddler which means a lot of running around and falling down! He is quick to point out any "boo-boo" by pointing to it and telling me "UH OH Mama! UH OH! Boo boo!"

His knees are used to taking a beating. Before the last scrape can heal, there is usually a fresh one to replace it.

But today he took a pretty big wipe-out on the way to the park and scraped up his arm too. It must have stung because he kept whining about it and telling me "Uh oh!"

So I asked him if he wanted a Band-Aid and he said "ya." Usually he always says "no" to Band-Aids so he has never even had one before. But this time he wanted one. It was a Spongebob Band-Aid and he found it very interesting! He couldn't stop staring at it and touching it. Until eventually he started telling me it was "itchy" and then he wanted the Band-Aid off.

He cried when I pulled it off and then told me, "No Band-Aid! No Band-Aid!"

So I guess today was a milestone of some sort. Gavin's first Band-Aid...even if it only stayed on for two minutes.

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