July 22, 2011

Lucky Fin Love

I just came across one of many adorable pictures of the two of them together. Gabby and Gavin, that is. They have grown so much in 1 year!! Thanks Annya, for all the awesome pictures we have thanks to your photoshoots!

Which reminded me to spread the word that we entered another entry into Holland Bloorview's filmpossible contest for bringing visibility to disability! It is a really striking photo of their little arms wearing their lucky fin bracelets with pride. Its a close-up that shows their baby or pinky fingers, as they call them. So cute. Love this picture! :)


We hope you will vote every day because Cisco is donating $1 for every vote (and also we wouldn't complain if we won either.)

You can vote for as many entries per day as you like and there are lots of other great entries too! :)

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