July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Gavin!

On this day three years ago, Gavin Michael James was born and our lives were forever changed! ♥

He put me through almost 57 hours of labour (but who's counting?). He was a VERY high-maintenance baby. He was the WORST sleeper. And his tantrums are still long and exhausting, worthy of an Academy Award.

All because he is stubborn like his Mommy! And strong-willed and determined. And smart. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. He's emotional. And FULL of energy (a LOT of energy).

And guess what else?

He is the sweetest, most loving boy in the whole world. He is the best big brother ever. He is my best helper. He is caring and sensitive. He is hilarious. And he has a smile that can light up the whole world.

He is an amazing little guy and I could not possibly love him any more than I already do! Until he tells me, "I love you too much sweetheart" and wraps those skinny little arms around me. And then I realize that I love him a little bit more each & every day.

Happy Birthday Gavy! I am so proud of you! Wishing you the best birthday ever!! I love you too much!

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