March 11, 2010

iLimb Bionic Hand

I don't usually watch "The Doctors" but I will be tuning in today because someone on Sammy's Friends just posted about today's episode and now I'm very interested to hear more about the iLimb!

Today's episode:
"Futuristic Medicine that Can Change Your Life"

Twenty years ago, at age 16, Telisa had to have her forearm amputated because of a tumor. She was recently fitted with an iLimb, the most advanced bionic prosthetic.

Randall Alley, prosthetist and CEO of BioDesigns, the company that created iLimb, explains how it works. When an individual tightens his or her muscles, the neuromuscular signals generate electrical impulses, which are read by the computer embedded in the artificial limb and power the five individual digits of the iLimb.

Telisa says the iLimb has improved her life. “It gives me my hand back!” she says and shakes E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork’s hand.


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