March 16, 2010

Gavin's words

Gavin is 20 months today. I'm still in denial that my baby will be a two year old in a few months! :)

I find it so fascinating to see children learning to express themselves through speech! Starting from Gavin's first words, every time he said a new word for the first time I wrote it down. I've ended up with many little lists written on random pieces of paper, envelopes, notebook pages...

Gavin is still not much of a talker. Some of these words he has only said a few times or maybe even only once. But he said them to me. lol And some he uses on a daily basis. He ONLY talks when he wants to and not usually when you ask him to. lol Stubborn little guy. But he understands so much and its so exciting that soon he will be able to talk to us and tell us his thoughts. I just LOVE when kids learn to talk and the hilarious, adorable, random things they say.

I thought I should write down his words before I lose my lists!

Mama, woof, hi, meow, where?, bus, eye, ear, Dada, baby, cheese!, water, me, dirty, here, go, tick tock, good, uh oh, hat, blue, bye, gentle, Ho ho ho!, two, row, three, kick, score!, goal!, up, garbage, juice, toast, bread, milkies, ya, car, police car, Grampa, Gramma, George, Cheerios, berries, bubbles, pizza, Lola, Lolo, Chandler, Co-Co, pasta, please, shoes, this, thank you, horse, G.G., Cheers!, clock, turtle, sticker, pee-pee, puppy, wow, I love you, heart, yes, hockey, truck, beep-beep, keys, open, off, on, cracker, cookie, help, choo-choo, Auntie, happy, bubbles, ball, fish, sausage, burger, bath, Joyce, water, hat, doggie, book, bird, geese, goose

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  1. Aww! I can just hear his little voice saying all of those words in my head. I got to hear a few last weekend!! When do we get to add "Ori" to the list?? I'm gonna keep on trying!! :) xoxo