March 29, 2010

Dude, where's my arm?

Here is a little amputee humour for you! I hope no one finds it offensive. Personally I think these are pretty funny!

This shirt can be purchased at

Here are a few others from Most of them are more appropriate for teenagers or adults but I think it is a good way to express to people that you are content with your body the way it is and its OK to joke around sometimes.

You can click on the links to see the shirts.

Go Go Gadget Arm

Imagine how much money Gavin would have if he got $10 every time we had to tell the "arm story"!
Arm Story: $10

Shark Wrestler

This shirt cost an arm and a leg

She got the leg in the divorce

And my personal favourite:
Don't make me take off my leg and beat you with it

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