July 6, 2012


I just want to share a comment that "Chanel from Delaware" left today! :)
While having a moment in feeling low about my son and his little fin (missing left hand) I surfed the internet and found your site. Gavin is way too cute and I am thrilled to have found him. My son is 9 months and I constantly wonder about what he will be able to do. Gavin prooves with the right support and will power, nothing is impossible. I will be sure to continue to visit the page frequently and share the same with my son when he wonders who in the world can relate to his condition. Please don't stop providing updates. Keep them coming. Someone is watching and being inspired:-)

Two months have passed without me finding the time to make an update. There were many, MANY things that I have wanted to write about over the past two months. I have just been feeling overwhelmed with being back to work full time and finding time for the things I enjoy has been taking a back seat.

There are many active sites and wonderful communities which offer great support and constant updates. It is amazing how many resources are available today thanks to social networking. And I was starting to feel like I didn't have the time or need to keep this site going.

So getting Chanel's comment today really meant a lot. I was reminded of the reason I started this blog. And I am definitely going to keep it going as long as there are people to read it. And for as long as I love bragging about all the awesome things our children can do, which will be forever... :P

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  1. Chanel from DelawareJuly 9, 2012 at 10:40 AM

    This is Chanel from Delaware again! I was simply coming back on the site to see Gavin's cute little expression again as he played his video game and there you are posting! I was literally moved to tears.!! I am a single mom doing this alone and although you are absolutely correct that there are a host of sites to connect with for our children, I could not relate to many from an ethnic standpoint. Gavin is beautiful to me in more ways than one. I literally think my son and Gavin look like twins! (especially his baby pics) I showed my family a picture of Gavin this weekend and they agree, the boys look so much a like its scary!! The color of their skin, texture of their hair, fullness of thier lips and high cheek bones. Gavin is Isaiah's long lost twin! LOL! And they both have left arm limb differences. I wish I could send you a pic so you could get a laugh at the similarities in our boys:-) I know you are busy with work and the two boys now (Your new son is adorable as well) But I really would like to connect with a family that can REALLY relate in more ways than one. My e-mail address is chanelwalker@comcast.net I can send you a pic of my Isaiah:-) Thanks again for the inspiration. I know now my son can do anything!! He is very determined even at just 9 months old:-)