January 11, 2012

Little hand, Big Heart

Ever since my conversation with Gavin last night when he told me he doesn't like God because he thinks God broke his arm, I have been reflecting a lot about it and feeling sad for how vulnerable my baby is in this big world. I am also overwhelmingly proud and amazed by him. I don't wish to change him, I just wish I could protect him from certain things. But that is exactly the opposite of what he needs me to do. He needs us to continue to empower him and raise him to be a confident, independent person who can take care of himself.

When I got an email from "Little Hand, Big Heart", it was exactly what I needed to remind me that Gavin will be just fine. He will learn to handle uncomfortable situations and stand up for himself. And he will be surrounded by a lot of positive people to help him along the way.

Thank you Haylee for being such a beautiful example and an inspiration. And thank you to Haylee's family for sharing!

Sometimes she does not need to say a word


  1. Haylee read this post and the post about God breaking his hand. She is going to make Gavin a video where she is speaking directly to him if you don't mind.

    1. Aww that would be amazing! Thank you <3

  2. Haylee has made Gavin something very special. She hopes he likes it. http://littlehandbigheart.com/gavin-we-have-a-message-for-you/.

    Also email me. We have something to send you from Haylee.