January 10, 2012

It's not broken

So today out of nowhere Gavin stuck out his left arm and said, "My arms broken - see??" I immediately disagreed and told him its not but he argued that it IS broken and told me that all the kids say its broken.

I have heard kids say it before but I thought the kids in his class were used to his arm. I didn't expect them to still be pointing it out.

I kept telling him how it's not broken, it's the way it's supposed to be. I said that God made him exactly the way he was supposed to be.

He spread his fingers wide and told me he wants to have another one like this because "this ones broken".

After I talked about his other friends who have a special arm like him and I said all the same stuff I usually do to stress to him that there is nothing wrong with his arm. It's not broken, it's really strong, and it can still do lots of things like hockey, etc. He said OK.

And then he told me, "I don't like God." When I asked him why he said "Because he broke my arm."

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