May 2, 2011

Eat Sleep Breathe Hockey

Gavin's hockey obsession is out of control.

From the moment he wakes up, the first thing he says is that he wants to watch hockey. He is relentless. It consumes his mind. I can't last very long without putting it on because he just repeats it over and over and over. Finally, I just put the damn thing on so I can have some peace and quiet. Not that it gives me peace and quiet... Because as soon as its on, he puts on his hockey helmet, grabs his stick and puck and is sliding around the living room, copying every move they make. And of course he is not satisfied until you are watching him.

"Watch me mommy! Watch me play hockey! Get off the ice! Sit down please!"

It is endless. Forget about kids shows. All he wants to watch is hockey. We put on Leafs TV because there is almost always a game on. Every commercial he is asking "Its coming back? Its coming back?" "YES Gavin, Its coming back!!!"

Oh and socks are not socks. They are skates! duhh

The funniest thing is that he always says "neck" instead of "net". "I scored mommy! I scored in the neck!"

He has had a rough few days because is is fighting off an ear infection. He cried when the doctor took his temperature in his ear. He cried when Eden accidentally touched his ear when they were laying on the bed. He insisted on not wearing a shirt because he didn't want it touching his ears when I put it on. YET HE CAN STILL TAKE HIS HOCKEY HELMET ON AND OFF A MILLION TIMES!

He really is so hilarious though. He is so detail oriented. Sometimes he asks me to sing "oh Canada" before his game and he will stand so still and quiet until it is over. And he pushes his shopping cart around the floor pretending it is the Zamboni. Also when he scores, we have to pat him on the helmet like he sees the hockey players do on TV. What else??? Basically every single thing he sees the real hockey players do, he tries to copy. Which is bad with so much fighting and slashing. But he knows its "not nice" and he will always ask me if they're going to get a time out.

Yes, his fascination with hockey is pretty cute but I am so tired of it!

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  1. Hi
    My name is Jenna and I came across your blog. Gavin is a very inspiring little boy, and such a cutie. I have a huge obsession of hockey too. I love hockey so much, and I watch it everyday, we have NHL Center ICe on Bell. I have many hockey friends in the NHL and my bestfriend is professional hockey player. We have a local team called the Kamloops Blazers. I have a medium childs t-shirt here that is signed and it is brand new and too small for me, I am wondering if I can send it to Gavin. Even though it may make his obsession to hockey worse, but if your interested and want me to send it, drop me a note at my site or email.
    I was born with a rare life threatening disease. I also have developmental delays, and autistic tendenasies.