September 3, 2010

The Pizza Man

So I confess: I may be guilty of ordering take-out a little too often. What can I say? I hate to cook!

Last week Gavin & I were home alone while John was working nights so I decided to order a delicious panzerotti for dinner. Gavin is a HUGE fan so this was fine by him! (These panzerottis are so enormous that Gavin and I can share one and barely finish it. And that boy can EAT!)

We waited for the "pizza man" to arrive and when Gavin heard the knock at the door, he was right by my side. We opened the door and Gavin greeted the pizza man with an enthusiastic "Hi!!"

The man looked down at him and must have noticed his little arm because he seemed to freeze for a second and then didn't even respond to Gavin. I paid and took the food and Gavin yelled "Thank you!" And then "Bye!" And not once, did the pizza man acknowledge him.

OK so maybe it was the first time he saw a child with a missing limb but when a little boy is clearly talking to you, it would be nice if you could respond.

Clearly Gavin has better manners than the pizza man.

I want my tip back.


  1. Seriously rude, how could you not say hi to a little guy who's talking to you?!?

  2. Wow.. some people's manners just frighten me! How could you not at least say hi?!

  3. This happens to my little ones all the time! So rude!