May 14, 2010

Little Big Man

We went to our friends' Ken & Dayanna's wedding last Saturday and it was Gavin's first time in a shirt and tie! (clip-on that is)

I couldn't believe how grown up he looked! This was the night it really hit me that my little boy is growing up SO FAST!

At the reception, he was the first one to take to the dance floor! At one point I looked over and there were 2 little girls squatting around him, taking turns examining his little arm. He was examining them just as intently so I sat back and watched and resisted the urge to go over and say something.

After a few minutes they followed him over to me and told me, "He only has 1 hand!"
"Yes, I know!" I said :)
They wanted to know why and all the usual stuff. One of them put her left hand in a fist and said "His one hand is like THIS!" as she held it high in the air.

For the rest of the night they kept coming up to our table and asking for Gavin to chase them! They would squeal with delight as they ran in circles around the dance floor with my little guy chasing after them as fast as his little legs could carry him!

Here is our little flirt busting a move on the dance floor!

During dinner John told them that Gavin had to sit and eat now and he could play with them later. One of the girls said, "Its OK, I'll just wait here." And stood patiently beside his chair!

"OH no." I thought to myself, "Is this a preview of what is to come? Because I don't think I like it!"

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