January 14, 2010

Fun with Friends

I took Gavin to the Ontario Early Years Center by our house today. We hadn't been in a while. He LOVES it there. And its a great way to pass the time when we're bored and tired of playing inside and doing the same thing we do every other day. Since he's not in daycare we try to take him out to interact with other children as much as we can.

Here is one of his masterpieces from today. Isn't he so talented?!
(It was done in orange crayon but the scanner made it look brown)

Anyway, there is a really cute four-year-old little girl that we see there a lot. She is so talkative and friendly and loves helping out with the younger kids. During music time we all had to hold hands to sing "Ring Around the Rosie". Some kids don't really know what to do when they're on his left side and there is no hand to hold. But she just grabbed onto his arm and they went to town.

As we were getting ready to leave she came and proudly told me, "I have a baby brother at home too. He's 6 months old but he wasn't born with his hand stuffed in. His is out." (She gestured with her hand waving in the air.) "He has two hands and so do I."

I agreed that most people have two hands but some babies are born with one. She went on to say that at least Gavin can hold the big ball with his arm and do other things too.

She made me smile :) I thought that was funny and it ties in perfectly with yesterday's post!

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