January 17, 2010

Team Canada

Here's a funny picture from last years charity hockey game when the O.P.P. played the Canadian Amputee hockey team! They all got to have their pictures taken with the Stanley Cup and John was SO excited. Gavin, however, was not a fan of Stanley!!

John had so much fun playing with the O.P.P. even though they got their butts kicked! The guys on the Canadian team were crazy good!! Amazing to watch and I was inspired by everything they've overcome to get where they are. A lot of them have lost limbs in accidents which I imagine is incredibly difficult to learn to deal with compared to being born without a hand or limb.

I forget what the actual score was but lets just say they tried to go easy on the O.P.P. but it was just too easy for them to score. It was so fun to watch and we can't wait for March when they're coming back to Minden for the Scotty Morrison charity game. We are so excited to see them again!

Please take the time to check out this great video to learn more about the team. They are an awesome group of guys! The 2010 World Championships will be held in Montreal, Quebec. If they win (and I'm willing to place bets that they will!) they will bring home Canada's 5th consecutive Gold medal!! (Sorry Team USA!)

* To outreach to amputees, especially youth amps to ‘Put their Disability on Ice’
* To establish CAHC contacts in each province across Canada;
* To recruit more amputees World Wide to play Standing Ice Hockey;
* To continue to develop the Standing Ice Hockey internationally through World Amputee Ice Hockey Championships and events, with at least four nations being represented;
* To foster the “Play for Peace” initiative, and help war amputee and disabled individuals, through efforts like banning landmines internationally;
* To fulfill the requirements to allow Amputee Standing Ice Hockey to be recognized as a full medal sport by the International Paralympic Committee, IPC;
* To be full members of Hockey Canada by 2009

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