April 5, 2013

Filmpossible 2013

This year's Filmpossible contest seems to have been another huge success, helping to end the stigma of disability for the third year in a row. Contestants were challenged to "capture moments of possibility" and to creatively "dispel myths, showcase achievements, demonstrate inclusion or accessibility, or tell a story." The same overall theme remains: "Bringing visibility to disability".

There were so many wonderful entries (102 to be exact!) in both the photo and video categories, which were so beautiful and inspirational. Many of the videos moved me to tears. And I was especially moved by this years winning video, "For Abbey", which just happens to showcase the limitless abilities of Abbey, a fellow CHAMP!
"Abbey can never escape the stares and the question, "What's with the leg?". She wears a prosthesis ("buddy") because she was born with a shortened right leg requiring amputation above the knee at age two. Abbey will sweetly explain to you how "buddy" works but don't presume that this "visible disability" is somehow limiting to her. She will leave you behind in the whirl of her wake as she surges past on her way to new adventures.
Confident. Determined. Playful. Loving. Joyous. This is our Abbey."
Visit the Filmpossible website (filmpossible.ca) to view Abbey's video and be sure to check out the other amazing entries in the video and photo categories!

I just love this video and watching Abbey conquer so many momentous milestones! What an amazing little girl with an incredibly bright future ahead of her.

Congratulations to Abbey, her family, and all of the other Filmpossible winners and participants! We look forward to next year's contest!


  1. Abbey calls hers' "Little Leg" and her prosthesis is called "Buddy". I am Abbey's grandfather and the one who produced the video about her. She, like your son Gavin are magical children and when my wife told me about filmpossible, I taught myself iMovie and pieced together this video to honor her.

    I thank you for your very kind words and support. I don't know if you know this but we will be splitting the entire winnings 3 ways between the War Amps Champ Program, Holland Bloorview and Ontario Track 3 in Abbey's name. These organizations have been instrumental in making Abbey's and millions of other magical children's lives that much better.

    Again, thank you and hug the little cutie for us.

  2. I saw Gavin and his dad today and he looked so wonderful!

  3. It looks like you've stopped blogging, so I hope you see this. Thank you so much for sharing. I work with special needs children, and the 7 year old boy that I help hasn't been out to recess all week since being being chased on Monday (in what was probably meant to be a game of tag) by a boy who was born just like Gavin. We've tried to explain that this other little boy is just like the rest of the kids (with just one little difference) but my guy is absolutely terrified!
    It took me until today to get the idea to search out some info for him. He loved your blog. He wanted to look at every picture of Gavin you posted. The video where he opens candy was a big hit; he exclaimed "he did it!" and then watched the video again.
    When another kid asked him what he was playing on the iPad, he said "I'm learning! I'm looking at these kids so I won't be scared."
    Thank you so much!