March 16, 2013

Juggling With One Hand

Earlier today we were hanging out, enjoying a lazy Saturday. Gavin came in the room and told me he was trying to juggle. Almost immediately he said, "See, look! This arm is too short!"

He was clearly frustrated. Not having any luck with juggling two balls.

"It doesn't work! See! I hate this arm! I want to shoot this arm!"


My heart dropped. He wants to shoot that arm? I felt devastated. I know he didn't mean that, but what a horrible thing to say! I tried to think of something to say to make him feel better but I was too overwhelmed with what he had just said. I think I just told him not to say that and to keep trying and maybe he would figure it out.

Which is true. Because you definitely don't need two hands to juggle!! Google, "Juggling with one hand" and see for yourself!

Tonight at bedtime as he was falling asleep, he quietly asked, "Do you like this arm?"

That was an easy one! I smiled and kissed it and told him, "I love this arm! Do you?" "Yah", he said.

I hope he meant it.


  1. He can juggle in diffrent way. Let's play football! football is amazing game (in Poland was player in second league with little arm and even was promoted to national young team) I have little baby with similar arm like Gavin (yesterday born). I was sad reading he was unhappy but i think everythink gona be all right. Because Gavin is fantastic boy.

  2. Oh Gavin. "Do you like this arm?" Made me get teary eyed. Love you guys & you are such an inspiration - all of you!

  3. Loved the story makes me have hope