March 21, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

Remember my recent post about Gavin's dream to meet James Reimer? (James Reimer's #1 Fan)

I am SURE glad I wrote it! Because it just so happens that I posted a link to it on twitter and guess who stumbled upon it?

JAMES REMER'S WIFE!!!!! A lovely lady by the name of April Reimer. She sent me a tweet that she read my blog post and would like to send something to Gavin.

Twitter really does have a purpose after all! ;)

We just thought it was the coolest thing! Gavin was so excited to see if he would get another package in the mail.

A few days later I got an email from April asking if we could do her a favour and meet her at the ACC on March 24 so she could give Gavin the stuff in person!

THEN she offered up her seats to the Leafs game!!!

AND THEN, as if that wasn't enough, she went one step further and offered for Gavin to MEET JAMES REIMER after the game!!!!!

When I read the email and realized that Gavin's dream was actually going to come true, I was literally running up and down the hall, laughing, yelling and basically acting like a crazy person.

I couldn't wait to tell Gavin the news. He was so overwhelmed that he was speechless! He fell back on his bed and stared up at the ceiling for several seconds while the words sunk in.

Its really amazing how it all unfolded. And it just proves that you never know what can happen unless you try!

There are only three more sleeps until the big game and Gavin is PUMPED! His passion for the Leafs is at full throttle. The other day I heard him say, "I'm not Gavin. I'm James Reimer. You can call me James if you want to. But I'm James Reimer."


  1. Hi, I just read this. It is an amazing story. Gavin deserved it so!!


  2. This is a great story. Read it over at a Leafs blog. Glad he had a great time.