November 29, 2011

Make it a Lucky Fin Christmas!

Can you believe there is less than a month until Christmas?

This year we are trying to take some of the focus off of Santa and presents and teach Gavin about the real meaning of Christmas. I knew I had failed in that area up until now when he asked me a few weeks ago, "Who's Jesus?" *Hangs head in shame*

We have been reading some books about the story of Christmas and we plan to visit the library today to look for more books and hopefully a movie. There is also a Christmas musical at the church by our house that I plan to take him to.

Since we just moved and have had A LOT of expenses, we won't be doing much in the way of gifts this year. And it actually feels good. Its not about the STUFF. Our focus is on the time we spend with family and friends. And the food. We can't leave out the food!

This year is Eden's first Christmas so that makes it even more special. We have been very blessed this year in so many ways.

This year we have connected with some amazing people who share the passion that I do for advocating for our kids. I have posted before about Molly, mom to her wonderfully-made daughter Ryan, and the founder of the Lucky Fin Project. She has reached out to so many people all over the world and the Lucky Fin Project continues to grow! And now, just in time for Christmas, you can help support the project with a limited edition handmade Lucky Fin Love ornament.

They are very sweet and it seems like the perfect way to celebrate our perfectly made kids! Its a beautiful keepsake and something they could hang with pride on the tree every year. Or even just hang it in a special spot year-round.

These ornaments are available for a donation of $15 each or 3 ornaments for $40 at The Lucky Fin Shop.

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  1. Oh Megan I am so touched and honored. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family and helping to spread the Lucky Fin love. (Man we got some cool kids, eh?! ♥)