August 5, 2011

Curious George helper arm

I have been going through ALLLLL the pictures on our computer in the past few days. I'm trying to save them on discs so I can delete most of them off the computer.

Anyways, I came across these cute pictures of Gavin when he was a year old wearing his second prosthetic arm. His Curious George arm, which he rarely wore so I'm glad I have a few pictures.

Here he is at 14 months old driving his ride-on toy on the driveway

When it got colder, we tried putting a mitten over it. Not that it needed a mitten! :P

Here he is at 16 months playing the drums. I used the drums as an incentive for him to want to wear it but it didn't work.

He would always pull it off shortly after. He always wanted to hold the drum stick with his little arm instead! This picture makes me laugh because it pretty much sums up how he felt about this piece of plastic! "Get it off me!"

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