June 4, 2011

Copy Cat

Gavin is at that stage where he loves to copy. EVERYTHING. He copies things we say which has caused us to be extra careful. We have even heard him say some choice words which we know he didn't hear from us. We can censor what WE say, but not what other people say.

When I'm looking after Eden he will pick up his doll and mimic everything I do. My favourite is when he puts his doll to his chest when I'm nursing her. Haha!

He loves to watch sports and copy their actions. Several weeks ago we stopped at the park on the way home and there were some older kids playing baseball. Gavin focused on the back catcher and copied EVERY move he made! This has now turned into a weekly routine and he loves to stop and watch the baseball games.

But Gavin's favourite thing to copy is other kids. Especially Gabby! We went to the zoo a few weeks ago and I swear there was an echo every where we went! It is pretty hilarious at first, which quickly turns into annoying!

These two just love to do whatever the other one is doing...especially if it is rolling down a hill! :)

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