February 18, 2011

Red Monster

For Valentine's Day we went out for dinner to Red Lobster. We had never been there together before because John has a strong hatred for seafood. But I had a pregnancy craving so I won! Gavin was with us too (What is a romantic dinner for two anyways? I really can't remember...) and he was quite interested in watching the lobsters in the tank and asking us lots of questions about what they were doing and why.

I couldn't make up my mind about what to get so I decided to just cover all my bases and get the Ultimate Feast!! YUM! Seafood craving fulfilled!

When we got home, the first thing Gavin did was run to his uncle and say, "Uncle Dave, I saw a MONSTER!!"

We were all confused for a few seconds, until I realized that he meant LOBSTER instead of monster!!! I can see how he would confuse the two. Lobsters are some creepy looking creatures with their ten legs, beady eyes, long antenna, and big, sharp claws!

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