November 14, 2010

I is for Ice cream

"I" week was pretty non-existent. I wasn't feeling well and ended up taking a few days off work, so I guess you could say "I" was for ILL :(

Gavin cheered me up every time he asked me "Sick, mommy, sick?" in a concerned voice. And now every time I cough, he asks me, "OK, mommy, OK?" in the same voice and sometimes rubs my back. He is such a sweet boy.

We got some books from the library about INSECTS but he really wasn't into them. I did end up learning that what separates insects from other bugs is that insects have 6 legs. So spiders are not insects. INTERESTING!

We did manage to make it out for dinner one night and Gavin's kids meal came with a giant bowl of ICE CREAM!

He is carefully pouring the Smarties pieces on top of his ICE CREAM sundae!

And then digging in!

It was pretty huge and I ended up eating most of it. But I definitely didn't mind. Ice cream is one of my favourite foods of all time :)

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